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Nicholas Hor Sien Pin (Born 6th December 1985)

Introduction (of myself)[edit]

Born in the nice little town of Ipoh, in Perak, Malaysia, I was raised up by several good teachers and mentors that shaped me to who I am this day. Being a person who had experienced a deep affection by God, I'm a devoted christian, and has since been trying to align alll I do to him. I am interested in many topics such as Criminal investigation, World War 2, Social Psychology, Law and computer games.


Honest thoughts on Wikipedia[edit]

 --Nicholashor 16:38, 19 Nov 2004 (UTC)Nicholas

Wikipedia is a cool website in which I can learn about virtually anything. Though, I have the opinion that the facts(most) here are very brief. Since articles in Wikipedia is largely contributedby visitors to this website, it needs more 'promotion' to invite more Internet users(especially proffesionals) to contribute.