Finnish 3rd Division (Continuation War)

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The 3rd Division (3.Divisioona) was a unit of the Finnish Army during the Continuation War.


The 3rd division was the main component of the Finnish III Corps. During the war, the division fought mostly in the Ukhta and Kestenga area, when it participated in Operation Arctic Fox. When the Soviet main attack began in 1944 the division was transferred to the Karelian Isthmus.

During the Lapland War against Germany in 1944, the division made a landing in Tornio. The division advanced to Rovaniemi and from there northwards to Muonio where it was disbanded.


  • Infantry Regiment 11
  • Infantry Regiment 32
  • Infantry Regiment 53
  • Field Artillery Regiment 16
  • Heavy Artillery Battalion 16
  • Light Battalion 5
  • Engineer Battalion 34
  • Signal Battalion 31

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