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Can you spot the three edits I made to this picture?
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From 11-16 August 2004 I was known as and before I created an account. A few of the edits since then are mine as well when I didn't realise that my cookie had expired, but most of the .199.34 edits are probably from people who work for the same company as me.

Some people like to give a list of subject areas that they will be active in, but not me. I will bounce around like a pinball reading things that interest me, which could be anything from Abiogenesis to Zydowski Zwiazek Walki (I'm not much interested in Aardvarks), contributing, correcting, or quarrelling as necessary.

I nominated myself for Administrator status. Note to self: Better luck next time.

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I have decided to join the Dual-Licence crowd, retroactively (all prior contributions are now available under the terms of CC or GFDL). This includes contributions by me in all other Wikimedia projects. Some of my photos are released to the public domain.

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