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In the Korean religion of Jeungism, the term Gaebyeok refers to a sudden change in nature, society and human beings.

Great Opening 開闢[edit]

Jeungism calls a sudden change in culture, human and nature, Gaebyeok. Both syllables, gae (開) and byuk (闢), mean "to open." The word comes from the Sino-Korean phrase cheon-ji-gae-byeok (天地開闢), which means "heaven opens and earth opens."

Cycle of gaebyeok[edit]

Throughout a Cosmic Year there are major gaebyeoks and minor gaebyeoks. Every Cosmic Month (10,800 years) there is a minor gaebyeok accompanied by a minor but sudden shift of the Earth's axis. Every Cosmic Season (20,000-50,000 years) there is a major gaebyeok with a more dramatic shift in the Earth's axis.

Gaebyeok can also mean a dramatic change within a person, such as a transformation in one's physical condition or a sudden spiritual awakening. Or gaebyeok can refer to a transformation in society.

Critical moment[edit]

According to Jeungism, humanity is now living near the end of the Cosmic Summer. The Cosmic Summer and Spring have been a time of growth, diversity, and conflict, but autumn will be a time of maturity, returning to oneness, and harmony.

For this to happen, the Autumn Gaebyeok must take place on three levels:

  • Transformation of nature
  • Transformation of society
  • Transformation of each human being

Pole shift[edit]

The gaebyeok of nature will happen as automatically as the changing of seasons within a year, but the transformation of individuals and society is in the hands of humankind. Soon, the Earth's axis will shift perfectly upright, demonstrating the perfect balance between yin and yang in autumn, and the Earth's orbit around the sun will change to 360 degrees. These conditions will create a milder climate for the entire world. The time of equal yin and yang is a time of maturity and harmony. The Autumn Gaebyeok provides an opportunity for humanity to change along with nature and reach a harmonious and spiritually awakened existence. Obviously, a shifting of the Earth's axis will be a worldwide natural disaster, unprecedented in our written history.

Global epidemic[edit]

But, according to Jeung San Do, the world will be faced with an even greater challenge: global epidemic disease. With the supposed eradication of smallpox in the 1960s, we naively thought that humanity had conquered infectious disease, but in the last thirty years, one or two new infectious diseases have appeared each year, and old diseases have mutated, making them more and more difficult to treat. The potential for a catastrophic global disease already exists.

Why global epidemic disease?[edit]

The origin of the global disease is the accumulated suffering of humans. Because of the dominance of yang over yin in the cosmic spring and summer, conflict has been the mode of development. Humans have struggled to overcome nature and each other. Men have oppressed women, some races have oppressed others, and heaven has dominated earth. So many people have suffered and harbored inside them deep bitterness and grief. The energy of this bitterness and grief has accumulated and compounded over time and has turned into lethal energy. At the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok, this energy will be released as a global epidemic. Overcoming this outbreak of disease will be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced and will be a catalyst for global unity. Jeungism calls this Euitong (醫統), which means "to heal and unite."

The future[edit]

Jeungic teachings are a combination of harsh realities and gentle love and concern. We are living at the end of the Cosmic Summer, a time marked by war, disease, and inequality, and we will soon be faced with tragedies on a global scale. But, the conflict and suffering of the Cosmic Summer is not without meaning and purpose. Spring exists for summer; summer exists for autumn. Overcoming conflict and suffering within one's life is a process of maturing for the individual. Overcoming the conflict and suffering of the Cosmic Spring and Summer is a process of maturing for humankind.

The Cosmic Autumn is a time of peace, harmony, and enlightenment, the ultimate freedom from ignorance. We can already see the seeds of the autumn civilization, such as concern for the environment, the movement for equality between men and women, advances leading to greater longevity and quality of life and the movement for basic human rights for all people. In autumn the efforts of humanity come to fruition.

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