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Kenaz or Knaz - hunter - is the name of several persons in the Hebrew Bible. קְנָז "Hunter", Standard Hebrew Kenaz, Tiberian Hebrew Qənaz / Qənāz

  • A son of Eliphaz, and a grandson of Esau. He was an Edomite leader. (Genesis 36:11, 15, 42). He may have been the ancestor of the Kenezites.
  • Caleb's younger brother, and father of Othniel (Josh. 15:17; Judg. 1:13; 1 Chr. 4:13), whose Judahite family was of importance in Israel down to the time of David (1 Chr. 27:15). Nothing more is said of Kenaz in the Hebrew Bible, but Pseudo-Philo (written c. AD 70) makes this Kenaz the first judge of Israel after Joshua, and includes several chapters of narrative about his supposed judgeship of 57 years.
  • Caleb's grandson. (1 Chr. 4:15)