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(Note to self: information dated, update!)

I live in Kauniainen, Finland. I work at Fishpool Creations where we, at the moment, mostly subcontract for Comptel.

I've been involved with the Scouting movement since the age of eight (so that makes nineteen years by now). Nowadays though I pretty much only attend the once-in-four-years World Scout Jamboree events. I was in Holland (1995), Chile (1999) and Thailand (2003). I am most definetely going to be at the Eurojamboree in England (2005) and also at the follow-up World Scout Jamboree at the same site (2007). The troop I belong to is Toimen Pojat.

In Jun-Jul, 2001 I backpacked solo in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. My Spanish isn't terribly good, but I plan spend some time next Autumn with Latin American studies at the University of Helsinki where I've been enrolled in the Computer Science department since 1995.

I am not affiliated with the band Giant Robot. Their lead singer and I are simply involved in a namespace conflict.

Science fiction authors whose work I've especially enjoyed include Orson Scott Card, Iain M. Banks and Neal Stephenson. In my teens I used to be a great J. R. R. Tolkien fan. Inspired by Peter Jackson's excellent work on The Fellowship of the Ring I recently re-read the book. I also like Latin American (eg. Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and Japanese (eg. Murakami Haruki) literature.