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Born1976 (1976)
Tokyo, Japan
InstrumentsHuman voice

Dokaka (ドカカ, Dokaka, born 1976[1]) is a beatboxer from Tokyo, Japan. He is known for performing and recording music by multitracking his own voice, simulating the sound of a full band.

He has distributed his recordings primarily as free downloads from his website; these include interpretations of works by King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Wes Montgomery, Slayer, the Rolling Stones, and Miles Davis, among many others. He largely records covers of heavy metal, prog, jazz and videogame theme music, though he has also written and recorded original songs.[2] Dokaka also appears on Björk's Medúlla (2004) and Katamari wa Damacy, the soundtrack to the video game We Love Katamari (2005).[3]


  • Human Interface (2008)
  • The Dokaka Discography (Limited edition, 2010)


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