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Peirce is an English surname. It may refer to some notable people with this surname:


  • Augustus Baker Peirce (1840–1919) American traveler; riverboat captain and artist in Australia
  • Benjamin Peirce (1809–1880), American mathematician, author of an article on rejection of data outliers Peirce's Criterion, and father of Charles Sanders Peirce
  • Bill Peirce (born 1938), economist, Professor Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University, and 2006 Ohio gubernatorial candidate
  • Charles Sanders Peirce (C.S. Peirce) (1839–1914), American logician, mathematician, scientist, philosopher, founder of pragmatism
  • Clarence V. Peirce (1850-1923), American farmer and politician
  • Cyrus Peirce (1790–1860), American educator, Unitarian minister, and the founding president of the first American public normal school
  • Gareth Peirce (born c. 1940), British solicitor, known for taking on controversial and human rights cases
  • George James Peirce (1868–1954), American botanist
  • Hayford Peirce (1942-2020), American writer of science fiction, mysteries, and spy thrillers
  • Joseph Peirce (1748–1812), U.S. Representative from New Hampshire
  • Juliette Peirce (died 1934), second wife of the mathematician and philosopher Charles Peirce
  • Henry A. Peirce (Henry Augustus Peirce) (1808–1885) of Massachusetts. U.S. Minister to Hawaiian Islands, 1869–77. Hawaiian Minister of Foreign Affairs, March-July 1878, under King Kalakaua
  • Kimberly Peirce (born 1967), American film director
  • Leslie P. Peirce, American historian
  • Lincoln Peirce, American cartoonist known for the comic strip Big Nate
  • Robert B. F. Peirce (1843–1898) U.S. Representative from Indiana
  • Victor Peirce (Victor George Peirce) (1958–2002), infamous Australian criminal from Melbourne, Victoria
  • Waldo Peirce (1884–1970), American painter, born in Bangor, Maine
  • Robert Peirce (engineer) (1863-1933), Municipal Water Engineer, Penang and Singapore

Other uses[edit]

  • USCS Benjamin Peirce, a survey ship in commission in the United States Coast Survey from 1855 to 1868

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