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    Just signed in from Pasadena CA, where I live and work.

    Professional-level skills: software development, software testing, ExtremeProgramming, computer science,

    More than five years experience with: meditation (through Falun Gong), frugality, sustainability, appropriate technology, acappella singing, computer system administration,

    Other exposures: practical architecture, software patterns, non-technical editing, public speaking (through ToastMasters). ecology, small business administration, Permaculture, child rearing, organizing and running small non-profit organizations, voluntary simplicity.

    Budding interests: teaching non-professional life skills through adult education, setting up software studios for training and earning purposes, green construction of light residential structures.

    Joseph Beckenbach 17:54, 2004 Feb 15 (UTC)

    Minor contributions to articles on: Falun Gong