Gottschalk Eduard Guhrauer

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Gottschalk Eduard Guhrauer (15 May 1809 – 5 January 1854) was a German philologist and biographer. He is known principally for his 1842 biography of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and his completion (1853) of Theodor Wilhelm Danzel's biography of Lessing, G. E. Lessing, sein Leben und seine Werke (1850–53, 2 volumes).

He was born at Bojanowo (then in Grand Duchy of Warsaw, now in Poland) and died at Breslau (now Wrocław, Poland).

He studied philology and philosophy at Breslau and Berlin, later spending time in Paris, where he researched Leibniz' works. After his return to Germany, he worked as a librarian at the University of Breslau. In 1843, he became a professor at Breslau.[1] He wrote also on Jean Bodin, Joachim Jungius and Kurmainz (Electorate of Mainz).

Literary works[edit]

  • Mémoire sur le Projet de Leibnitz Relatif à l'Expedition d'Egypte Proposé à Louis XIV en 1672, Paris, 1839.
  • Kur-Mainz in der Epoche von 1672, Hamburg, 1839 - Kurmainz in the era of 1672.
  • Lessings Erziehung des Menschengeschlechts, Kritisch und Philosophisch Erörtert ib. 1841 - Lessing's Education of Mankind, critically and philosophically explained.
  • Das Heptaplomeres des Jean Bodin, ib. 1841 - The heptaplomeres of Jean Bodin.
  • G. W. v. Leibniz, eine Biographie, Breslau, 1842, supplement 1846. - Leibniz, a biography.
  • Joachim Jungius und Sein Zeitalter, Stuttgart, 1850. - Jungius and his era.

Also, he edited Leibniz's Deutsche Schriften (2 volumes: 1838–40), and Goethe's Briefwechsel mit Knebel (Goethe's correspondence with Karl Ludwig von Knebel, 1851).