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Melton Highway

General information
Length19 km (12 mi)
Route number(s) C754
route number
State Route 54
Major junctions
West end Western Freeway,
Melton, Melbourne
  • High Street
  • Federation Drive
  • Leakes Road
  • Plumpton Road
  • Kings Road
  • Sunshine Avenue
East end Calder Freeway,
Keilor, Melbourne
Major suburbsPlumpton, Hillside, Taylors Lakes
Highway system

Melton Highway (formerly Keilor-Melton Road) links Melbourne's outer north-western suburbs of Melton and Taylors Lakes (western Keilor as the old name suggests); it has a Victorian route designation of C754 (previously State Route 54).


The Melton Highway connects the Western Freeway and Calder Freeway and provides the most direct route between Ballarat and Melbourne's northern airports (Tullamarine and Essendon) and suburbs, bypassing busy western suburbs. The increase in traffic has seen the road upgraded with many overtaking lanes, and increasing residential levels at the eastern (Sydenham) end has seen duplication of the carriageway and reconstruction of the railway crossing just north of Sydenham (Watergardens) station.

The road commences at the Melton exit from the Calder Freeway and travels through suburban developments, until reaching paddock land for the last stretch into Melton. The road passes Watergardens railway station, Watergardens Town Centre and a number of housing estates. The road generally has a speed limit of 70 km/h around built up areas. After the last housing developments this gradually rises to 80, 90 and then 100 km/h through farm/paddock land and goes back to 80 km/h at Melton, with it turning from a four-lane road to a two-lane road with overtaking spots.[citation needed]

In September 2018, the new 6-lane bridge over Sunbury/Bendigo railway line replaced nearby level crossing, providing new bike lane and footpath on each side, and new paths underneath.[1] The railway carries more than 200 trains each weekday and the road carries 38,000 vehicles per day.[2]


MeltonMelton South00.0 Western Freeway (M8)Continues as Ferris Road
Melton10.62 High Street (C801)
21.2 Federation Drive (C705)
Plumpton74.3Leakes Road
106.2Plumpton Road
Hillside148.7Gourlay Road
BrimbankSydenham169.9Bendigo railway line
Taylors Lakes1711Kings Road
Keilor1912 Sunshine Avenue (State route 41)
2012 Calder Freeway (M79)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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