List of heads of state of Niger

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President of the
Republic of the Niger
Président de la
République du Niger
Coat of arms of Niger.svg
Mohamed Bazoum (cropped).jpg
Mohamed Bazoum

since 2 April 2021
StyleMr. President
His Excellency
StatusHead of State
AppointerDirect popular vote
(two rounds if necessary)
Term length5 years, renewable once
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Niger
PrecursorHigh Commissioner of Niger
Inaugural holderHamani Diori
Formation10 November 1960

This is a list of heads of state of Niger since the country gained independence from France in 1960 to the present day.

A total of ten people have served as head of state of Niger.

The current head of state of Niger is the President of the Republic Mohamed Bazoum, since 2 April 2021.[1]


  • 1960–1974: President of the Republic
  • 1974–1989: President of the Supreme Military Council
  • 1989: President of the Supreme Council of National Orientation
  • 1989–1996: President of the Republic
  • 1996: Chairman of the National Salvation Council
  • 1996–1999: President of the Republic
  • 1999: Chairman of the National Reconciliation Council
  • 1999–2010: President of the Republic
  • 2010–2011: Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy
  • 2011–present: President of the Republic


Political parties
Other factions

List of officeholders[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Elected Term of office Political party Prime minister(s)
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Hamani Diori 1968b.jpg Hamani Diori
10 November 1960 15 April 1974
13 years, 156 days PPN–RDA Position not established
2 Seyni Kountche 1983 cropped.jpg Seyni Kountché
17 April 1974 10 November 1987
(died in office.)
13 years, 207 days Military Oumarou
3 Ali Saibou.jpg Ali Saibou
1989 14 November 1987 16 April 1993 5 years, 153 days Military /
4 Mahamane Ousmane (cropped).jpg Mahamane Ousmane
(born 1950)
1993 16 April 1993 27 January 1996
2 years, 286 days CSD–Rahama Cheiffou
5 No image.png Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara
1996 27 January 1996 9 April 1999
3 years, 72 days Military /
UNIRD / RDP–Jama'a
6 No image.png Daouda Malam Wanké
11 April 1999 22 December 1999 255 days Military Mayaki
7 Tandja in Nigeria June 2007.jpg Mamadou Tandja
22 December 1999 18 February 2010
10 years, 58 days MNSD–Nassara Mayaki
8 Général de corps d'armée Salou Djibo.jpg Salou Djibo
(born 1965)
18 February 2010 7 April 2011 1 year, 48 days Military Danda
9 Mahamadou Issoufou 2014.jpg Mahamadou Issoufou
(born 1952)
7 April 2011 2 April 2021 9 years, 360 days PNDS–Tarayya Rafini
10 Mohamed Bazoum (cropped).jpg Mohamed Bazoum
(born 1960)
2020–21 2 April 2021 Incumbent 124 days PNDS–Tarayya Mahamadou

Latest election[edit]

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Mohamed BazoumNigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism1,879,62939.302,490,04955.67
Mahamane OusmaneDemocratic and Republican Renewal812,41216.991,983,07244.33
Seyni OumarouNational Movement for the Society of Development428,0838.95
Albadé AboubaPatriotic Movement for the Republic338,5117.08
Ibrahim YacoubaNigerien Patriotic Movement257,3025.38
Salou DjiboPeace, Justice, Progress – Generation Doubara142,7472.98
Oumarou Malam AlmaRally for Peace and Progress118,2592.47
Hassane Baraze MoussaNigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress114,9652.40
Omar Hamidou TchanaAlliance of Movements for the Emergence of Niger76,3681.60
Amadou OusmaneDemocratic Alternation for Fairness in Niger63,3961.33
Souleymane GarbaNiger Party of Change – Mu Lura61,1581.28
Idi Ango OusmaneAlliance for Democracy and the Republic – Mahita56,1001.17
Nayoussa NassirouConvention for Democracy and Social Progress41,6970.87
Ibrahim GadoRepublican Council for Progress and Democracy39,3190.82
Mounkaila IssaNigerien Rally for Democracy and Peace38,6040.81
Hamidou Mamadou AbdouAfrican National Gathering Party35,9340.75
Intinicar AlhassaneNigerien Party for Peace and Development30,9950.65
Abdoulkadri AlphaGayya Zabbe28,9100.60
Kane HabibouSynergy of Democrats for the Republic27,1620.57
Oumarou AbdourahamaneUnion for Patriotic Pan-Africanists20,4880.43
Moustapha MoustaphaParty for a Political Revolution in Niger20,3650.43
Amadou SaidouIndependent20,1560.42
Mahaman Hamissou MoumouniParty for Justice and Development – Hakika18,5850.39
Djibrilla MainassaraSawaba17,2330.36
Sagbo AdolpheSocialist Party17,0600.36
Idrissa IssoufouCitizen's Movement for Development16,9950.36
Amadou CisséUnion for Democracy and the Republic16,8350.35
Mamadou DoullaRedemption for the Sake of the Fatherland16,7680.35
Abdallah SouleymaneNiger Forward (Nigerena)14,2820.30
Ismael IdeAction Front for a New Niger12,0620.25
Valid votes4,782,38092.164,473,12195.48
Invalid/blank votes406,7527.84211,6584.52
Total votes5,189,132100.004,684,779100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,446,55669.687,446,55662.91
Source: Constitutional Court - First round Constitutional Court - Second round

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